How to center NextGen gallery thumbnails on layout

If you are using NextGen Gallery (NGG Gallery) on your wordpress site as a gallery plugin, you would notice that the block of thumbnails in the page is not centered, and it makes the layout awful to view. here is a simple CSS modification on how to center it into your page div layout. This works perfectly on mobile and tablet view as well.

  1. Go to Gallery > Other Options.
  2. Click Styles then set the Enable custom CSSĀ  to Yes.
  3. Click the “(Show Customization Options)” link and the text editor of wp-content/ngg_styles/nggallery.css will display.
  4. Place this block of code underneath all the CSS code in the file, then click the Save button.

.ngg-galleryoverview {
.ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box {
float:none !important;

That’s it! Shout out to nate22 for the tip!