RyanTetek.com v2.0 is now online!

Way back 2009, 8 years ago, I had started RyanTetek.com as my portfolio site and to serve as a web development as well. Here’s a screenshot of it from archive.is (brings back memories and makes me feel nostalgic):

RyanTetek v1.0

I had also put it in maintenance mode around 2 years ago due to being very busy at that time. Well, times had changed and I feel the need to update the site overall to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s the updated site looks like now:

RyanTetek v2.0

It now features mobile responsive design, and had updated the site’s content as well. Theme is designed by ThemeIsle and I had just modified and re-developed it to my liking.

Cheers to the new version and looking forward to v3.0 maybe on the next 8 years again? 🙂 – Ryan